Blonde Vinyl Memorial

by Knottheads on H

Blonde Vinyl Memorial
N Side Out
N Side Out is the only release on Blonde Vinyl Inspirational. It is a worship album, recorded at Calvary Chapel CAPO BCH CA. By today’s worship music standards, it is pretty mellow. When it was released, it was about as aggressive as worship music got. The closet musical comparison would be the Vineyard Touching the Father’s Heart series that existed at about the same time period.

Blonde Vinyl Releases

album cover  
Quiet Assurance
BVCD5558 (1991)
Produced by Jim Clements

Rick Founds – vocals
Terry Stratton – vocals
Billy Batstone – background vocals
Jim Clements – guitars
Joe VanGilder – piano, synthesizer, keyboards
Michael C. Perry – bass, bass keyboards
Eugene Ermel – drums
Danny Ybarra – percussion, drums
Justo Almario – soprano and alto sax
Jim Tenneboe – keyboards
Ben Camp – strings, keyboards
Jodi De La Pena – synthesizer
Courtney Doutherd – drums, percussion
Danny Graham – vocals
David Thomasson – soprano sax

01) Something 4:14 Perry, Clements, Stratton
02) More Than Words 3:23 Founds
03) What Is Man 3:55 Founds, Todd Collins
04) I Can’t Stop Loving You 3:16 Perry
05) Awesome In Power 3:58 Founds
06) Living Sacrifice 4:30 Perry, Stratton
07) The Lord Reigns 4:04 Founds, Collins, Perry
08) My Father 3:43 Perry, Founds
09) What Is Man 3:58 Founds, Collins
10) Something 3:24 Perry, Clements

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