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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Plague of Ethyls
Plague of Ethyls was described as a post-punk garage grunge “girl group.” Influences included X, Sonic Youth, Breakfast With Amy, and L.S.U. The sound was overall dark. Plague of Ethyls was not an all female group, however, because Steve Hindalong of The Choir played drums. They went on to release one seven-inch vinyl and then disappeared without a trace.   Plague of Ethyls

Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

Blonde Vinyl Releases

album cover  
Plague of Ethyls
BVCD3542 (1991)
Produced by Steve Hindalong and Caryn Colbert

Caryn Colbert – vocals, guitar, bass
La La (Lanelle Maurer) – vocals, guitar
Steve Hindalong – drums, percussion

Michael Knott – Vocal drones on “Muddy” and “Monks and Banshees”

01) Weasel 4:27 Colbert / Maurer
02) Land Of La La 3:46 Colbert / Maurer
03) Phantom Binge 2:40 Colbert / Maurer
04) Roy’s Cafe 3:47 Colbert / Maurer
05) Muddy 4:09 Colbert / Maurer
06) Blaze 2:44 Colbert / Maurer
07) The Bee 5:17 Colbert / Maurer
08) Gorbert (The Evil Dancing Clown) 2:48 Colbert / Maurer
09) Monks And Banshees 1:39 Colbert / Maurer
10) Groovy 2:18 Colbert / Maurer
11) Ludlow 3:57 Colbert / Maurer

Other Information:
Caryn Colbert was also in Breakfast With Amy at this time.

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

album cover
Abandoned ep (7″ record)
Flying Tart Records (1995)

Caryn Colbert – vocals, guitar, ?

01) Cold Place 3:38 Colbert
02) What Do I Do When I’m Alone 2:48 Jeff Moss
03) Deep Within 3:32 Colbert
04) Warped and Twisted 3:21 Colbert

Other Information:
“What Do I Do When I’m Alone” is a cover of a Sesame Street song sung by Grover.

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2 thoughts on “Plague of Ethyls

  1. I was their bass player for a while after they and The Choir moved to Nashville, TN, and also moved Neverland Studios there, where they recorded their Abandoned EP. I wrote and played the bass lines for “Warped And Twisted” and “What Do I Do when I’m Alone”, to Karen’s scratch vocal and guitar tracks. Steve later added drums, and her husband Chris added guitars and mixed it. I was playing a Samick 5 string bass, through a n amp which, I was elated to be told, belonged to Tim Chandler, bassist for DA, Swirling Eddies, and also for The Choir, and one of my favorite bassists, (some of my favorite bands also). Had some great times working and performing with them. This was back in ’93-’94.

  2. Interesting note about the Abandoned EP, four alternative Christian bands, including us (Ethyls) and The Throes, were given the opportunity to record a vinyl EP at no cost to the bands, on the condition they each cover a Sesame Street song. I believe The Throes did “Rubber Ducky”. I don’t know about the others. When I asked Chris (Colbert) what he envisioned for our cover, he said “just trash it”. So I improved the whole thing, and tried to make it sound garage band, and that’s the take you hear on the track. 🙂

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