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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Shelley Rogers
Shelley Rogers’ album was Blonde Vinyl’s lone foray into the realm of adult contemporary pop music. Dreaming Awake features many top-notch guest musicians (including Michael Knott and Steve Hindalong, among others). The quality and credibility of these musicians seems to push Shelley Rogers’ music beyond the blandness of most pop, almost into the realm of alternative pop.   Shelley Rogers

Blonde Vinyl Releases

album cover  
Dreaming Awake
BVCD3332 (1991)
Produced by Michael Knott & David Hackbarth

Shelley Rogers – Vocals, acoustic and classical guitar
Steve Hindalong – Drums, percussion
Mike Sauerbrey – Bass
Jeffrey Thomas – Electric, acoustic, and classical guitar
Dan Michaels – Wind synthesizer
Mike Knott – Percussion, acoustic and classical guitar
Chuck Cummings – Drums
Glenn Homes – Bass
Greg Flesch – Electric, acoustic, and e-bow guitar
Dave Thrush – Alto and soprano sax
Dave Hackbarth – Rhodes, keyboard, six-string bass
Dave Koval – Electric guitar
Michael Hackett – Keyboard, treatments, cello arrangement

01) Love Is 3:39 Rogers
02) Carry Me Away 3:44 Rogers, Sauerbrey, Knott
03) Don’t You Worry 3:00 Rogers
04) You & I 4:07 Rogers
05) Song In The Distance 3:47 Rogers
06) Dreaming Awake 4:01 Rogers, Knott
07) Parallels 3:51 Rogers
08) Time 4:05 Rogers
09) Talk With You At Midnight 3:19 Rogers
10) Dreams 3:27 Rogers

Older comments on “Shelley Rogers

  1. Larisa Kocic on November 12, 2007 at 03:52 am said:

    I’ll remember the recording time of Dreaming Awake. Glad it blossomed into a CD.

  2. Eli on April 12, 2008 at 01:29am said:

    “Talk with You at Midnight” should be on iTunes.

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