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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Hounds of Heaven
The Hounds of Heaven were an unusual band with a sound that is hard to pin down. There are elements of goth and heavy metal in many songs, but the overall project seems to sound like a female Billy Idol album. Not much is known about the band, other than the one Blonde Vinyl release. Nelson and Deena Di Marco went on to form a darkwave/electro band called BATZZ in the Belfry that is still active to this day.   The Hounds of Heaven


Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

The Hounds of Heaven - Freddie's Dead - Sinking Ships  
Freddie’s Dead / Sinking Ships
Independent (1990)

The people that played on this release are unknown, as they are not listed on the cassette.

01) Freddie’s Dead 5:14
02) Sinking Ships 6:09

Blonde Vinyl Releases

album cover  
Virtue & Virginity
BVCD3472 (1992)
Produced by The Hounds of Heaven

Jerri Bionda – bass, lead and background vocals
Deena Di Marco – keyboards, background vocals
Joel Pronto – guitar
Nelson Di Marco – vocalsDeric Jensen – guitar on “The Monster In The Box”
Jimmy Arceneaux – guitar on “Drive She Said”
Tony Sanelli – guitar on “Happy Ending”
Michael Moore – 1971 Monte Carlo (modified) on “Quarter Mile”
Kawai R-50 – drums

01) Walk Through The Fire 2:47 Pronto / N. Di Marco
02) Death Trip 3:37 N. Di Marco
03) And I Promise 3:36 Bionda
04) Flashes Of Fire 3:23 N. Di Marco
05) Quarter Mile 3:57 Pronto/ N. Di Marco
06) Stay 5:15 N. Di Marco
07) Drive She Said 4:13 J. Arceneaux / N. Di Marco
08) The Monster In The Box 4:01 N. Di Marco / D. Jensen
09) Lamentations 5:41 N. Di Marco
10) Happy Ending 4:48 T. Sanelli / N. Di Marco


Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

Nelson and Deena went on to play in a darkwave/electro band called BATZZ in the Belfry.

Older comments on “The Hounds of Heaven”

  1. Muriah on March 29, 2012 at 02:22 pm said:

    I truly loved this album. I played it all the time! They had catchy melodies and interesting use of vocals. I would call the sound dark wave, atmospheric and all together beautiful!

  2. Kent on December 15, 2013 at 08:02 pm said:

    “There’s a hole in the floor where the rats come through and they’re coming for me and they’re coming for you, with a will to survive and an instinct to live, they’re gonna take what you got, gonna take what you give!”…… priceless.

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