Blonde Vinyl Memorial

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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Toxic Church
Toxic Church is a techno/indsustrial band that has been compared to Skinny puppy and Deitiphobia. They were first featured on the SLAVA compilation, although the Blonde Vinyl release of their first album never happened due to the label going out of business.

Toxic Church did manage to independently release their album a few years after Blonde Vinyl folded. A few years after the release of System Failure, they places a song on a compilation, but little has been heard of them since.

  Toxic Church

Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

album cover  
Divine Hit
Independent (1991)

Delvin Cavalier

Other Information:
This demo was listed in ACM Journal #7, but no other information is known about it at this time.

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearances

Blonde Vinyl Recordings

album cover  
Systems Failure
MTF Records (1994)
Produced by Toxic Church with Daniel Holter

Delvin Cavalier

01) Pharmakeia 4:40 Cavalier
02) First-World-Monkey 3:51 Cavalier
03) Dunamis 4:00 Cavalier
04) Bio-Fear 4:56 Cavalier
05) Battle Fatigue 3:40 Cavalier
06) Old Man 2:38 Cavalier
07) National Pride 3:56 Cavalier
08) Martyr’s Revenge 4:56 Cavalier
09) The Truth 3:46 Cavalier
10) State of the Union 3:05 Cavalier
11) The Keeper 4:39 Cavalier

Other Information:
This album was recorded independently. Blonde Vinyl offered a contract, but closed down before the contract was signed. This album was released independently a few years later.

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

album cover  
Terra Firma vs. The Atmosphere
Blacklight Records (1998)

13) Toxic Church Turn Around 4:17

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