Blonde Vinyl Memorial

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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Uthanda is an alternative rock band with slight connections to Blonde Vinyl at best. There are a few rumors out there that state they were signed to Blonde Vinyl, but it is not known if they ever recorded anything. The one known Blonde Vinyl connection is that the original guitar player was Larry Worley (cousin to Bob), who went on to form Love Life. They released two albums on other labels while Blonde Vinyl was in existence, and then called it a day.

Recently, an official Uthanda MySpace page has been set up with a little more information about the band. Band leader Robert Beeson went on to start Essential Records, best known for discovering Jars of Clay.


Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

album cover  
Be My Friend
Independent (1988)
Produced by: Derry Daugherty and Steve Hindalong

Not much is known about this album. ACM Journal called it Be My Friend, but the Uthanda MySpace page call it Uthanda’s Greatest Hits.

Blonde Vinyl Releases

No ablums or compilation appearances.

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

album cover  
Broken Again (1991)
Produced by Phillip Biff Vincent

Robert Beeson – lead and backing vocals
Bret Pemelton – guitars, lead guitars, hammond B-3, backing vocals
Bobby “Bones” Wohler – bass guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Chuck Cummings – drums, percussion

Tony Palacios – guitars, lead guitars
Phillip Biff Vincent – keyboards, backing vocals, percussion
Darrel DeVin – backing vocals
Bruce Madden – harmonica

01) Be My Friend 3:56 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Cummings
02) Sweet Soul Salvation 3:12 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Cummings
03) Found Out The Hard Way 4:12 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Cummings
04) Change In My World 2:58 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Cummings
05) Look Away 3:54 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Cummings
06) Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood 2:47 Bennie Benjamin / Sol Marcus / Gloria Caldwell
07) To Be Loved 3:59 Beeson / Dave Koval / Wohler
08) You Groove 4:30 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Cummings
09) Mercy 3:22 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Cummings
10) The Way You Are 4:12 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Cummings
11) Red September 3:58 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Cummings

album cover  
Essential Record Group (1992)
Produced by Phillip Biff Vincent and Uthanda

Bob Wohler – bass guitar
Robert Beeson – vocals
Bret Pemelton – guitars, keyborads, backing vocals, coffee
Danny Woods – drums

Tim Heintz – keyboards
Phillip Biff Vincent – backing vocals
Lanny Cordolla – guitars

01) Shadow Play 4:42 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Woods
02) Love Child 3:19 Beeson / Wohler / Larry Worley
03) Did You 3:42 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Woods
04) My Addiction 3:50 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Woods
05) Fear 5:09 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Woods
06) Midnight Jasmine 0:40 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Woods
07) Sunrise 3:28 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Woods
08) Wrapped Around Your Heart 3:42 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Woods
09) Citizen 4:35 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Woods
10) Cool Water 3:46 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Larry Worley
11) You and Me 3:09 Pemelton
12) Cars 3:06 Gary Numan
13) Heroes 4:52 Beeson / Pemelton / Wohler / Woods

album cover  
From the Album… Believe (video)
Essential Record Group (1992)

Bob Wohler – bass guitar
Robert Beeson – vocals
Bret Pemelton – guitars, keyborads, backing vocals, coffee
Danny Woods – drums

01) Shadow Play
02) Interview with the Band

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  1. Zara Beeson on November 20, 2010 at 08:24 pm said:

    You look so cute with your long hair Dad.

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  1. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the CS demo I believe you are referencing above. It is called ‘Greatest Hits’ on Big Records, and has 3 songs repeated on both sides – “Be My Friend”, “The Way You Are” and “You Groove”. It is dated 1989. “The Way You Are” was included on the ACM Journal ‘1st Anniversary Compilation’ CD.

    If other Uthanda demos or indie releases exist, I haven’t run across any of them yet. I can email you a scan of the ‘Greatest Hits’ J-card if you’d like.

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