Blonde Vinyl Memorial

by Knottheads on H

Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Icon Tack
Icon Tack (“eye contact”) was a side project of Wally Shaw of Deitiphobia. The only song ever released by Icon Tack was “Take the Sin” on the SLAVA compilation. “Take the Sin” was later re-recorded as a Deitiphobia song along with many other Icon Tack songs on the Deitiphobia album Clean.

According to the Industrial Revolution in Winter 1991: “Sanctus has changed its name to Icon Tack. Their sound is dark, danceable industrial. Some really bizarre stuff graces the cuts on this cassette. W. Shaw from DEITIPHOBIA is the primary programmer of the band with some help from the Rhythmic Provision Committee. Icon Tack can be more closely compared to Nine Inch Nails and Nitzer Ebb. “Take the Sin” from the fall scheduled album Clean will be on the SLAVA compilation as well.”

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearance

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