Blonde Vinyl Memorial

by Knottheads on H

Blonde Vinyl Memorial
ModEx was a collaboration of Luke Mazzeri from Sound Mind and D Zoob of the SLAVA Rhythmic Provision Committee. Their sound was described as “an extremely quirky aggro dance type sound”, “kind of a house-meets-industrial thing”, and “electro/hip-hop.” ModEx only released one song, “The Woodchuck Song”, which was included on the SLAVA Compilation compilation. A full album was announced for Fall 1992, but it never materialized.

Mazzeri also recorded a second song on the compilation as electro-industrial outfit Exegesis. Mazzeri then teamed up with Ian Eskelin and Max Hsu to form the techno-dance band Zero, as well as assisted on Deitiphobia‘s Clean album.

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearance

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