I Can’t Wait in Line: A Tribute to Michael Knott Volume 0

The unofficial Volume 0 is an ever-evolving volume of tribute and cover songs from those that either didn’t make the cut-off date for the official albums, or that released their songs elsewhere and did not submit them for the tribute. Volume 2 was more focused on the artists with professional recording experience (with the exception of a few that submitted two songs that were included on both compilations). Volume 1 was designated as a collection of the more independent artists.

Submissions for Volume 3 are being accepted now.

Tribute / Cover Albums

Tribute Songs

Songs that are either written about Knott or contain his lyrics as a tribute.


Cover Songs

Odds and Ends

Aka – other cover / tribute songs that exist somewhere on someone’s CD or tape, but not on BandCamp or YouTube to add to here.

  • globalWAVEsystem – The Bomb
  • Moron – Not a Cussword
  • Unknown Soldier – Shaded Pain
  • Nu Standards – When She’s Gone
  • Nu Standards – Am I Winnin’ Something
  • Jon E Rector – When She’s Gone
  • Johnny Reliable – When She’s Gone
  • Kevin Clay – Rock Stars on H
  • Unknown Soldier – Shaded Pain
  • Babo – Bye By Colour
  • Mark Krischak & Friends Volume I – Watch Nowhere

(You can still add your song to Volume 0. Contact us for details)