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Following the unexpected death of Michael Knott on March 12, 2024, several websites and podcasts released tributes to his life and work.

On October 31, 2022, Arsenio Ortezo included Screaming Brittle Siren on his list of The 10 Best Christian Rock Albums for Spin Magazine.

On September 30, 2022, J. Edward Keyes featured a Knott album in the BandCamp Daily Essential Releases.

Your Music Saved Us Podcast Episode # from June 24, 2021 discusses Rocket and a Bomb:

Multi-Biome wrote about Michael Knott’s Punk Ethos on December 30, 2019.

Down the Line Podcast, Episode #14 from November 13, 2018, and Episode #17 from April 9, 2019 both discuss The Grape Prophet as well.

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #214 from March 28, 2017 discusses the 1992 L.S. Underground album The Grape Prophet.

On February 26, 2012, Chad Thomas Johnston wrote The Cannibal and the Eucharist about Michael Knott for Image Journal.

In 2010, a blog dedicated to naming the Greatest Christian albums of all time appeared online. The author, David Lowman, limited himself to one entry per artist. Knott made it onto this list:

38) Lifesavers – Kiss of Life

Lowman then began another blog that looked at the top 500 albums, without the limitation of one album per artists. Knott had several entries on this list as well:

41) LS Underground – Shaded Pain
74) Lifesavers – Kiss of Life
143) Lifesavers – Us Kids
169) Aunt Bettys – Aunt Bettys
200) Various Artists – Brow Beat
377) Michael Knott – Rocket and a Bomb
440) LS Underground – Grace Shaker
466) Idle Lovell – Idle Lovell
486) Lifesavers – Dreamlife

Then, Lowman started a even longer list of Real 80s CCM and several Knott projects have appeared so far:

An undated list of Greatest Christian rock albums. Ever. by user GoFluffyGo on RateYourMusic has several Knott related albums listed:

05) Screaming Brittle Siren
11) Go Fluffy Go
16) Shaded Pain
37) The Grape Prophet
49) Cush
82) Rocket and a Bomb
97) Aunt Bettys