Down The Line Basement Tapes : A Tribute To Michael Knott Volume 1

The first volume of the 2015 Michael Knott Tribute album was designated as a collection of the more independent artists. Volume 2 was more focused on the artists with professional recording experience (with the exception of a few that submitted two songs that were included on both compilations). Volume 0 is the ever evolving extra volume of tribute and cover songs for those that released their songs elsewhere and did not submit them for the tribute. Submissions for Volume 3 are being accepted now.

You can listen to the album below, or read the extended liner notes for various songs.

Extended Liner Notes

Click on the song title to read what each artist had to say about Knott or the song they recorded.

01) The Radiant Dregs – Am I Winnin’ Somethin’
02) Stellar Mass – Make Me Feel Good
03) Mike Indest – I Can’t Wait
04) Eddie Parrino – Jane
05) Hidden From Blackout – Grace
06) Spy Satellite – Chaser
07) Jeffery Nordstrom – Pound Of Flesh
08) Rob Gallas – Crack
09) Kerry Pritchard – Deaf And Dumb
10) Leper – Brittle Body
11) Paravell – I Am No Christ
12) Eymard – GGG (instrumental)
13) And How – Bubbles
14) Josh Rude – Sometimes
15) Straightners and Fasteners – Not A Cussword
16) Marina Wilson – Burnin’ On Fire (spoken word)