Blonde Vinyl Memorial

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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Michael Knott
Michael Knott is the main force behind Blonde Vinyl records. His solo work has tended to be very diverse. The two albums recorded for Blonde Vinyl/Siren records do show some similarities in style. Screaming Brittle Siren shows heavy Echo & the Bunnymen and Jane’s Addiction influences. Fluid shows many similar influences, but is overall a little more focused in musical direction and utilizes an Echo & the Bunnymen influence more.

Knott probably had something to do with every release on Blonde Vinyl, but was often not credited with any specific roles on some albums. He is still recording music as a solo artist and as well as keeping the Lifesavers and L.S. Underground names going. He has also started other bands since his Blonde Vinyl days, such as The Aunt Bettys, The Strung Gurus, Cush, Struck Last May, and The Rovers Three.

  Michael Knott
Michael Knott

Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

Part of the pioneering new wave/punk band The Lifesavors. When Michael took over, their name was changed to Lifesavers, and they recorded one album for Blonde Vinyl.

Blonde Vinyl Releases

album cover  
Screaming Brittle Siren
BVCD3432 (1992)
Produced by Michael Knott

Michael Knott – guitars, vocals, string arrangements
Chuck Cummings – pearl drums
Bob Wohler – bass
Melisa Hasin – Cello

01) Miles From Shame 4:18 Knott
02) Crash and Burn 2:43 Knott
03) Apocalypse Lips 3:20 Knott
04) Brittle Body 5:06 Knott
05) Blood on My Hands 3:49 Knott
06) Liar 3:52 Knott
07) Hang Me High 3:18 Knott
08) Draw the Line 1:21 Knott
09) Gold Silver Soup and Silk 0:52 Knott
10) I Am No Christ 5:22 Knott
11) What You Know Now 4:39 Knott
12) Barnacle 2:38 Knott
13) Shine a Light + Bonus G.S.S.S. 13:00 Knott

Other Information:
Michael Knott was also directly involved with LSU, Idle Lovell, Windy Lyre, Fluffy, and Lifesavers, as well as many other minor roles on several Blonde Vinyl releases.

Siren Records Recordings

album cover  
Recorded for Siren records, but released by Alaram Records in 1995.
Produced by Michael Knott

Michael Knott – guitar, vocals, art direction and layout
Brian Doidge – bass
Chuck Cummings – Drums
Andrew Carter – guitar solos on “Crash,” “Over,” “Stars,” and “The Sky”
Bridget Alford – vocals on “The Sky”, taken from her original composition

01) Crash 4:09 Knott
02) Cool 4:37 Knott
03) Over 3:45 Knott
04) Stars 4:38 Knott, Cummings, Howard Knott
05) Drive 2:43 Knott, Doidge
06) Tonight 1:53 Knott
07) Away 3:30 Knott
08) Somewhere 2:27 Knott
09) Thru 4:19 Knott
10) The Sky 5:04 Knott
11) The Sky (extended) 3:31 Knott, Alford

Other Information:
This album was recorded as a rock opera – all of the songs come together to tell a story.

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearances

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

Michael has also been a part of several bands, including Aunt Bettys, Strung Gurus, and Struck Last May – as well as recording several more solo discs. See the main Michael Knott discography for more details..

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