Blonde Vinyl Memorial

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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Wigtop was an industrial/techno side project for Brent Stackhouse (of Deitiphobia) and his wife Heather. The music was similar to Deitiphobia, but had a more gothic feel to it. There was only one release by Wigtop. Some reports indicate that Stackhouse left Deitiphobia to form X-Propagation and Wigtop.

According to one review, this album has a slight theme: “Lyrically, the album follows a loose story line of a sinner coming to know the Lord. Key Biblical events such as Jesus’ sparing of the prostitute from being stoned, Christ’s temptation by Satan, and the events of Judgement Day are all covered in a creative way.”

Another interesting note is that the title song of their one album describes both the song’s length as well as the bible verse it is based on. The entire track is actually a dramatic narrative of the entire Revelation 19 passage.


Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

See the Deitiphobia page.

Blonde Vinyl Recordings

album cover  
Revelation 1921
BVCD3452 (1992)
Produced by Wigtop

Brent Stackhouse – keyboards, programming
Heather Stackhouse – vocals

01) A Prisoner Chained 4:53 B. Stackhouse / H. Stackhouse
02) Cry of the Harlot 5:48 B. Stackhouse / H. Stackhouse
03) Spiritdriver 5:28 B. Stackhouse
04) March of Souls 6:31 B. Stackhouse
05) Morningstar 5:16 B. Stackhouse / H. Stackhouse
06) In the Desert 5:42 B. Stackhouse
07) Revelation 1921 19:23 B. Stackhouse
08) Higher 3:45 B. Stackhouse / H. Stackhouse
09) Harlot (12″ Mix) 5:50 B. Stackhouse / H. Stackhouse
10) Revelation (“By the Way” Megamix) 6:37 B. Stackhouse
11) [untitled] 2:26 B. Stackhouse

Other Information:
Brent Stackhouse was previously in Deitiphobia and currently in X-Propagation at this time.

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearances

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

See the Deitiphobia page.

Older comments on “Wigtop

  1. bdpuffin on December 03, 2008 at 07:16 pm said:

    What???! No comments on this one?! Hugely underrated effort with some really dance-able tracks, hunt it down if ya ain’t got it.

  2. Jeff Horvat on October 07, 2009 at 01:36 pm said:

    The only problem with Wigtop is that there isn’t more of it. Brent and Heather’s music is a blessing from God! These two people are TRUE believers in Christ.I just ordered Deitiphobia. Can’t wait to hear it. May God bless you Brent and Heather. For he has blessed me through your music.

  3. xxghostboyxx on November 08, 2009 at 04:41 pm said:

    Found this in a used cd bin. I forgot how good it was.

  4. JulieCC on May 09, 2013 at 03:09 pm said:

    This is one of my favorite, all-time albums. I just got done listening to it.

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