Blonde Vinyl Memorial

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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
X-Propagation was an industrial rock project led by Brent Stackhouse of Deitiphobia. He teamed up with Byron Payne, who had worked with globalWAVEsystem and Vertigo Blue. The music was similar to Deitiphobia, but had a more rock feel to it. There was only one release full length release and one compilation track by X-Propagation. Some reports indicate that Stackhouse left Deitiphobia to form X-Propagation and Wigtop. This was the last known release by Stackhouse.

The liner notes to their one album had this to say about the band’s name: “X Propagation literally means ‘Christ Propagation’. X is the Greek letter ‘chi’ which is the first letter in the Greek spelling of Christ. Over the centuries, X has become an (un)acceptable shortform of Christ. No disrespect to our risen Lord is intended and we hope the message of our music is both creative and obvious.”


Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

See the Deitiphobia page.

Blonde Vinyl Recordings

album cover  
Released on Intense records after Blonde Vinyl folded. (1993)
Produced by X-Propagation

Brent Stackhouse – music, lyrics
Byron Payne – sampling

01) Heads Up 5:25 Stackhouse
02) Trust 3:46 Stackhouse
03) Conflict 4:31 Stackhouse
04) Unity 5:28 Stackhouse
05) We Believe 4:40 Stackhouse
06) Lover 6:25 Stackhouse
07) Three Equals One 4:55 Stackhouse
08) Forgive Us 5:30 Stackhouse
09) Peace 3:46 Stackhouse
10) Cybernation 3:26 Stackhouse

Other Information:
This album was originally recorded for Blonde Vinyl records, but was not released before BV folded. Michael Knott later traded this album and the globalWAVEsystem album to Intense records for the rights to re-release the classic LSU Shaded Pain album.

Brent Stackhouse was previously in Deitiphobia and currently in Wigtop at this time.

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearances

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

See the Deitiphobia page.

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