Michael Knott Archives

The Internet is turning in to one large archive bin. Crazy amounts of stuff is stored all over the place. People find all kinds of cool stuff and send it to me all the time. So this is my attempt to organize and catalog everything Knott-related. Knottheads are a pretty dedicated bunch, I will say that. If you have any more additions – please feel free to pass those along.

Promo Videos YouTube has become a massive site for chronicling everything video-related. These are all types of non-live videos found on YouTube or other sites. I’m not sure if they are legally up or not, so I can’t guarantee how long they will stay available.
Live Shows Anything from entire concerts on sites like YouTube to concert stories to a gigography. Concert photos, tour journals, or anything else connected to live performances are also included here.
Tribute Videos Anything that is a cover or tribute to Michael Knott. Some videos are inspired by his music or art, others are live cover songs, others are videos made for the tribute album.
Articles All articles and album reviews about Michael Knott. Where possible, links to online versions will be included. Most are hosted on MichaelKnott.com. If you have any additions, please send them in.
Image Galleries T-shirts, Promos, stickers, flyers, or any other random images that would be of interest to Knott fans. This link has been integrated in to the Gallery section. Send in some photos or scans if you want to add to this collection.
Famous Places Ever wonder what some of the places that Michael sing about look like? Through the magic of Goggle Maps Streetview, you can see some interesting Knott-related famous places. This page won’t change your world or anything, just interesting trivia.