Pre-Order the Vinyl Re-Issue of L.S.U.’s This is the Healing

Young Earth Records has launched the Pre-Order of the Vinyl Re-issue of L.S.U.’s classic This is the Healing album. Remastered by Cliffy Huntington, the remaster will feature a new cover painting by Michael Knott, rare photos, and a brand new write-up. Vinyl delays mean this won’t ship until well into next year, but be sure to get on top of this now to make sure it happens.

Fourth Wave Reality Rock Vinyl is Available

The Fourth Wave Reality Rock vinyl re-issue has been released. For those that don’t know, it is a vinyl re-release of the 1993 Third Wave Reality Rock CD with an expanded list of bands. L.S.U. was added in that expansion, with their song “Shaded Pain” closing out the collection. I have also found at least one old school pic of Knott in the liner notes. Oh, and Blonde Vinyl artist Black and White World also make an appearance with their track “Too Young to be Sad.” Not to mention all kinds of bands that Knott has worked and played with. There are still a few copies available – you can contact the people behind the project through the Reality Rock Facebook Page to see if they can sell you a copy.

David Bazan Talks Michael Knott (and Many Other Interesting Topics)

David Bazan was recently on the Turned Out a Punk podcast (ep 392) discussing his past and present in music. He discusses several Christian bands and artists, but probably spends the most time talking about Michael Knott. He has some great insight in Knott and many other things. The discussion of Knott can be found between the 41:30 and 53:30 marks, but really the whole thing is interesting.

Physical Copies of “All Indie EP II” are Available, Along with a Golden Ticket Contest

“So, with the release of this longtime coming ep, we wanted to do something special to help celebrate the launch and make it a little more fun. Since the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of our favorite movies, we thought, why not incorporate the “Golden Ticket” into the release of the All Indie Ep II?! With that said, the first 250 physical CDs are signed and numbered. We have randomly selected 3 of these signed and numbered CDs and placed an Indie Golden Indie Ticket inside.

The Indie Golden Ticket

So, what do you get? Each winner who gets an Indie Golden Ticket will get a song sung to them live over the phone by Michael from his catalog over the years. You’ll also get a video of him singing the song sent to you after the fact.

The Winners

So, what do you need to do if you got the Indie Golden Ticket? Take a picture of the ticket and the numbered CD and send it to get email below. Also, select 3 songs that Michael has written/released from vast repertoire and submit those 3 songs when you send the email with the pictures. Michael will select from the 3 provided which one he wants to perform live over the phone to you. Good Luck and we sincerely hope you enjoy the music!

The Physical CD

To purchase a physical signed and numbered CD you can do so by PayPal by going to our Bandcamp page through the link below. Each person who purchases a physical CD also gets a digital copy of the record. Thank you for your support and for listening!

Michael & Rick

It’s also available digitally through the bigs streaming services.”

The All Indie ep II is Available for Streaming and Purchase

Surprise release today! It seems that Knott’s long-awaited All Indie EP II has been released to several streaming and digital purchasing services (Spotify, Amazon, and Apple have been spotted so far). BandCamp is coming soon, and there will be details of a limited physical CD later this week (see this Instagram video of Mike and Rick signing copies of the CD). As well as another announcement.

Claravox Cover’s L.S.U.’s “Jordan River”

Stef Loy (of Perry and the Poorboys and The Miscellaneous fame) recently posted a video that his new band called Claravox made of a Michael Knott cover, Here is what the band had to say:

“Thank you for listening to our cover of LSU’s Jordan River! This video single was created and recorded in March, 2021. The song was written by Michael Knott. It is the first song on the Lifesavers Underground album “Shaded Pain” (1987, Frontline Records.) We would like to take this time to thank Michael for decades of his prolific musical career. Truly an artistic genius and an inspiration to us all — Michael Knott, you are loved.”


Pre-order L.S. Undeground’s “The Grape Prophet” Re-Issue From Lost in Ohio Now!

Did you miss out on the L.S. Underground The Grape Prophet Kickstarter? Then Lost in Ohio has some good news for you:

“After being out of print for nearly 30 years, and after an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020, Lost in Ohio is pleased to announce a pre-order for L.S. Underground’s legendary rock opera The Grape Prophet. For those unfamiliar, The Grape Prophet tells the story of Ellis, a worker at an orange grove who is sent to the vineyards of the Grape Prophet, in order to bring back the pickers who have been lured away. It was the first of frontman Michael Knott’s trilogy of rock operas. The album has remained a fan favorite, but has been out of print in physical form since soon after its release in 1992.

In addition to reissuing the album digitally and on CD, we will be releasing it for the first time on vinyl (available in either orange or grape). Michael has also recorded new acoustic versions of four of the album’s tracks, which are complemented by strings by Luke Moller (Carrie Underwood, Kasey Musgraves), and performances from Steve Hindalong (The Choir), Jesse Sprinkle (Poor Old Lu) and Rick McDonough (Struck Last May). The new tracks were recorded by Rick McDonough and mixed by Derri Daugherty, and the entire affair has received a fresh master from Adam Boose.

Pre-order now!