Delirium Blue (Former Members of Bomb Bay Babies) Release Music

Fans of Michael Knott’s Bomb Bay Babies probably would remember the names Jamie Makarczyk and Neal Vorndran – the other two guys in the band with Knott (along with Brian Doidge in the early days). They also played on Wakin’ Up the Dead after Bomb Bay Babies broke up. What some might not know is that they formed a band with Jamie’s brother Alex and Chuck Rodriquez called Delirium Blue. Their 1990’s recordings seem to have been lost to time – until now. Their album Requiem has been uploaded to BandCamp. You can also check out the “only known video of the seminal 90’s glam band Delirium Blue” below.

Help Get the Michael Knott Tribute Film Released

If you weren’t able to make the Michael Knott Tribute concert, then don’t worry. There looks to be a chance to be able to see it still:

“On Saturday, April 6, 2024, friends of Michael Knott gathered in Costa Mesa, CA to share Stories and Songs from Michael Knott / Lifesavers / LSU / Aunt Betty’s.  

Performers included : Bill Campbell (The Throes), Wayne Everett (The Prayer Chain / Lassie Foundation), Mike Roe (77’s / Lost Dogs), Riki Michelle (Adam Again), Mike Stand (Altar Boys), Tim Taber (The Prayer Chain), Chris Brigandi (The Lifters), Chuck Cummings (Aunt Betty’s), Andy Prickett (The Prayer Chain / Cush), Brian Doidge (LSU, Aunt Betty’s), Andy Carter (Aunt Betty’s), Jyro Xhan (Mortal / Fold Zandura / MorZan), Jeff Sebens (LSU), Charles Martin (Rocky Valentines / Red Strat), Jason Martin (Starflyer 59), Steve Dail (Project 86 / Red Strat), Dave Palmer, and more.

The tribute event was captured on video and audio.  Many fans were not able to attend the event and asked if we could release the material we captured.  This campaign is to fund editing, design and digital release of the tribute event on YouTube so fans can experience what took place that night. Any extra funds raised will go to Mike’s daughter Stormie. If we don’t hit the goal, the film won’t be released.”

From what I understand, you can contribute any amount, and as long as they hit the goal the film they produce will be uploaded to YouTube for all to see. So makes sure to spread the word and make sure this Kickstarter gets funded.


Beware of Questionable Michael Knott Merchandise

While most of the record companies out there are doing the work to make sure they have officially licensed Knott material to sell, please be aware that there are some people that are not selling licensed product or are putting questionable collectibles up for sale on eBay.

As far as anyone can tell, any Michael Knott-related merchandise (t-shirts, tote bags, banners, shoes, you name it) on Red Bubble are NOT officially licensed and should be avoided. I won’t link because some of them are just… weird. But from what I know, the shirts at Christian Band Shirts are officially licensed through Frontline Records. Please correct me if I am wrong on any of this.

Additionally, there are some items for sale on eBay that are questionable. Again, I won’t link to them, but if you see a Bomb Bay Babies CDr for $195 or more, be cautious. Most of the songs on this CDr were released already, and the songs that weren’t released are mostly Knott joking around in studio recording Screaming Brittle Siren. The CDr booklet itself is actually not signed, but is a scan of a signed Bomb Bay Babies promo 8×10. The person that created this bootleg back in the day did not authorize it’s sale, and he is working to get the unreleased material released for a decent price in a way that will benefit Knott’s family.

The same seller also has a burned DVD of an L.S.U. concert from Ohio in 1993 for $101 or more (for some reason, the cover of the bootleg actually has The Aunt Bettys from 1995 and then several pictures of The Lifesavors / Lifesavers from the early 80s). This is a burned copy of a camcorder recording that was not authorized for sale by the person that recorded it. The person that did record it is working on getting it uploaded to YouTube so that everyone can see it.

Finally, there is a Michael Knott Bunge Boy sculpture for sale for $849 or more. This is probably real. As much as we would all like to see Knott’s artwork go up in value, several screenshots have been provided of communication with the seller indicating that the high prices of these items will not benefit the Knott family, and that the seller is intentionally raising prices to take advantage of Knott fans. People can sell and buy things for whatever price they want to, so none of this should be taken as anyone saying you shouldn’t buy anything. This is just a “buyers beware” informational post.

Tribute Concert Archive Added to The Tribute Site

On April 6, 2024 at 6:30pm at Dick Church’s Restaurant in Costa Mesa, California, several friends and fans of Michael Knott came together to put on a tribute concert. Former bandmates and colleagues of Knott’s came together in various configurations to cover several of his songs. A page has been started on Shine a Light to archive the complete setlist and line-up for each song (thank you to Bill Spry for providing the final list), along with a few videos that have surfaced. As more videos are shared publicly, they will be added to the page.

Michael Gerard Knott Tribute and Funeral

Michael Knott’s obituary has been released, which gives details about the service. You can also leave various tributes in different ways through the site as well (there is a tribute wall along with the option to plant memorial trees).

For fans in California (or willing to travel), there will be a Michael Gerard Knott Tribute at Dick Church’s Restaurant on April 6th at 6:30. Tickets are limited, so make sure to buy yours if you plan to go. There will be songs and stories shared by friends of Knott. There will also be limited commemorative t-shirts for sale. All proceeds from the concert and shirts will go to Knott’s daughter Stormie.

(If you would like to leave a comment about Knott, please do so at the tribute website.)

Pre-Order Both Browbeat and Alternative Worship Reissues on Vinyl and CD

Retroactive Records is re-issuing Brow Beat – Unplugged Alternative, Alternative Worship – Prayer, Petitions & Praise, and Browbeats – Wither Wing on CD and vinyl:

“We want you to know just how hard we have worked to make these treasured releases SPECIAL for fans who have waited and waited and waited for these three albums to receive the care and treatment that COLLECTORS CRAVE! We have tried our best to give you the very best reissues on the planet.

As the owner of Retroactive Records, I recall putting Brow Beat – Unplugged Alternative in my CD player, not knowing exactly what Brow Beat was or what to expect. I just knew I loved all the artists. I could never have anticipated just how much I would love that unique compilation. I listened to it over and over and over again for many years. That album made a distinct imprint of brokenness, healing, despair and hopefulness on my heart and soul that I carry with me to this day like it’s a badge of honor.

Later, I would come across another gem, Alternative Worship – Prayer, Petitions & Praise. It received very little promotion and could easily be missed if you didn’t know who was on it or that it existed. I am certain music fans passed by it, assuming it was part of the mindless gut of corporate worship music releases at the time. But Alternative Worship was just that – an alternative to the cookie-cutter worship music we knew. It was an alternative to the theologically and artistically stagnant worship scene we were trying to escape. The fact that the album was an offering and outpouring from Michael Knott, Terry Taylor, and Gene Eugene only made it more essential that fans find this under-the-radar bit of brilliance. The music is powerful and the lyrics will wiggle into your DNA.

I was excited to see a second Browbeats album released in 1998 – Wither Wing. I wondered if it would be able to touch the brilliance of the first one. To be honest, the first track shocked me with the hard edged, guitar-ripping rap rock from Ted Cookerly of EDL. It sent the message that this album was different. So I opened my mind to what it had to say and offer. The all-star cast of the album was mind-boggling and the music did not disappoint, even if it took some time to adjust to the fact it was fully plugged in and loud and proud! I am glad I did. Truthfully, it’s the perfect third album from Michael Knott and company. The first Brow Beat was spiritual, introspective, and soul searching. Alternative Worship led us down the path of authentic worship and seeking of the Holy One. Now, we were ready to have fun, celebrate, and party! Browbeats – Wither Wing is exactly that for us – a party. And, like any good party – it better be fun and the second Browbeats is that to perfection.

These three albums were never promoted as a trilogy, but I came to see them as companion pieces that belonged together and I’m grateful they were in my life. I always thought they would be amazing to experience on vinyl – especially the softer songs. I could imagine the warm, dynamic vibes going from my vinyl record needle, out of my speakers, and filling much more than my home. I am glad we get to experience that now. Thank you for being part of this experience.”