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Michael Knott approaches live concerts as an art form. Sometimes unpredictable, sometimes funny, sometimes scary, but always entertaining – a Michael Knott concert experience is one to remember. Sometimes it’s just Mike and his guitar in front of some of his recent paintings. Sometimes it’s Mike joined by a friend on another instrument. And sometimes it’s Mike with one of his bands. Concerts in the past have been rumored to include clown outfits, cookie monster masks, various food objects poured over the head (and splashed on the audience), lots of duct tape, and plenty of insanity.Have you been to Mike Knott concert that you feel needs to be chronicled on this site? Contact me and send it in.

Every concert that Michael Knott has performed in. Well, not every one. Its not complete yet. But getting there.

External Links:

  L.S.U. – Cornerstone 1993
A random collection of videos from LSU’s legendary show.

Michael Knott and LSU – The Refuge 1994
Classic concert at The Refuge in St. Petersburg, FL

Michael Knott – Houghton College 4-17-2000
Solo acoustic from Houghton College.

Cush – Cornerstone 2000
A full collection of all the songs that Cush performed live at Cornerstone in July of 2000.

Gene Eugene Tribute – Cornerstone 2000
These are the songs that Mike sang during the Gene Eugene Tribute at Cornerstone in July of 2000.

Cush – The Door 2001
A full collection of all the songs that Cush performed live at The Door in Dallas Texas, April 2001.

Michael Knott – Uproar Festival 2001
Solo acoustic from the 2001 Uproar Festival.

Michael Knott & 5 O’Clock People – Tacoma, WA on 5/27/07
Michael Knott live at Temple Theater solo and with 5 0’Clock People.

Random Live Videos