Stuff I Am Missing

If you have the lyrics to the songs on the Fluffy Luvs You album by Fluffy, I know someone that is looking for them. Please contact me if you can help.

After scouring the web, I tried to find most album covers and liner notes. But there are still some missing. Here is what I couldn’t find:

  • Aunt Betty’s Ford: Demo # 2 cover art and liner notes
  • Bomb Bay Babies: demo lyrics and cover art

I am looking for digital copies of some of the stuff below, but a cassette copy will also be just fine. If you can help me get them, please e-mail me. Here’s the list:

  • Bomb Bay Babies – Demo 2 (looking for the song “Rock Thing”)
  • King Holiday demos
  • L.S.U. – Losing Angel
  • Michael Knott – 1998 Demo
  • Strung Gurus – July 20, 2000 show from the Viper Room
  • Also, any of the unreleased songs, rumors, or songs I don’t have on the Unreleased Songs page

I am also looking for original cassette, vinyl, or CD copies (not re-issues) of the following (just because I am a collector, not a trader – please let me know if you know where I can get these):

  • Bomb Bay Babies demo(s)
  • Aunt Betty’s Ford – Demo # 1
  • Aunt Betty’s Ford – Demo # 2
  • Psalters – Prayers to Be CD

I am also looking for old magazines with articles about Michael Knott or any of his projects. I already have some. Here are some I am looking for (there may be others not on this list – contact me if you have any questions). I am looking for original copies, or scans/copies of the pages with Knott related stories/images:

  • 7-Ball #13 – Jul 1997 (Jars of Clay cover)
  • 7-Ball #35 – Mar 2001 (Skillet cover)
  • ACME (Alternative Christian Music Enthusiasts) – Issue 5 May / June 1984 (Lifesavors article)
  • ACME – Issue 6 October 9, 1984 (Lifesavors article)
  • ACME – Issue 8 May 10, 1985 (Lifesavors article)
  • Garlic Press – Winter 1995 # 1 (Aunt Betty’s concert review)
  • Harvest Rock Syndicate – Volume 6 Issue 4 (1991) (Amy Grant cover)
  • HM #83 – May 2000 Concert Review (Rod Laver cover)
  • HM #86 – Nov 2000 (Living Sacrifice cover)
  • Syndicate – May / June 1992 Volume 7 Issue 3 (Magdallan cover)

If you have anything from the list above, please e-mail me. I also have anything not listed above if you are looking for it. We all just have to remember to follow the happy little copyright rules 🙂

I also collect obscure music. Click here to see my want list. I may be able to trade you something for stuff on the list.

Questions to Answer

I’ve tried to make this site as complete as possible, but there are still some things I am missing. If you know the answers to any of the questions below, please e-mail me and let me know:

Hightops – 1978
Who wrote the songs? Assuming it was Knott, but others could have contributed.

The Lifesavors – Live Demo 3-14-81
What role did Mike Knott play on this release, if any?

The Lifesavors – Unplugged
What role did Mike Knott play on this, if any?

Bomb Bay Babies demos
Looking to buy this one, or to get scans of the cover/j card/liner notes and a cassette/CD/mp3 copy of it.

Fluffy – Go, Fluffy, Go
Which songs did Mike write?

Charity Empressa
What was the title of the song Knott recorded vocals for?

Joy Electric – Robot Rock says that Mike had “uncredited vocal production.” Is that true? If so, did that work also make it onto the follow-up ep called The Land of the Misfits?

Joe Strummer
A web journal entry said that Mike was collaborating with Joe on some songs. Was this true?

King Holiday
Any information about this project would be appreciated. They supposedly recorded some songs for Elecktra at some time.

30 Amp Fuse – Saturday Night at the Atomic Speedway
A guy named “Michael Knott” is listed as the bass player, but no one in the band photo looks like him. I guess it’s not him, unless anyone knows different.

Blonde Vinyl Information
Any information on any bands that recorded for or signed to Blonde Vinyl but didn’t get to release their albums would be greatly appreciated.

Michael’s songs in movies and television
– What episode of JAG (television series) used the Bomb Bay Babies song?
– What Bomb Bay babies song was used in Days of Our Lives? What was the episode name?
– What Bomb Bay babies songs were used for the ESPN spots? What year were those spots aired?