Copyright Issues

Most of the content on this site refers to copyrighted material. I place it here in an attempt to promote the art in question and to archive information for others to enjoy in the future. The work highlighted represents hundreds of different companies and individuals. There was no way to even figure out what is fair use, what is not, what I need to ask permission for, and what I do not. If you are the copyright owner of something on this site, please consider this page as me begging you for permission to use the content that is up. Please contact me to work out any details. No disrespect is intended by not contacting you first.

Almost all of the content on this site consists of album descriptions (song lists and credits) along with small images of cover art. It is my understanding that this is considered fair use of content (in the same way that Wikipedia or Amazon uses them), and a great way to promote music. If I have anything wrong, please contact me and I will get it changed.

I do have some videos posted on this site – please see the video notice below for more information on those.

My Original Content

Except where noted, most descriptive paragraphs about albums and the site in general were written by me. Usually, I don’t mind if you re-use the content as long as you credit this site and link back to the place that the content was originally posted. If you are not sure what is my original content and what is not, feel free to contact me.

Video Notice

Most of the videos on this site were found on YouTube. Other people (not associated with this site) uploaded their own videos. Please contact the person that uploaded them to inquire about those videos. The main exception to this is the Blonde Vinyl videos.

For the Blonde Vinyl videos, I have received permission from the copyright owner of the video, Michael Knott, to host them on this site for viewing only. If you feel that you have copyright ownership over those videos, pleas contact Mr. Knott to work out that issue and I will honor the wishes of the copyright owner.

Please realize that in the music industry, just appearing in a video, or making a video, or being associated with a video in some way does not make you the copyright holder. I appreciate the bands and individuals that have written to me and expressed their support of this site… but I still need to know if you actually own the rights to the video in order for your approval (or disapproval) to count.