The Choir | Flap Your Wings

Another one of the few times that Michael has painted a cover for an album other than one of his own.

The Choir - Flap Your Wings - cover 1 The Choir - Flap Your Wings - cover 2 The Choir - Flap Your Wings - disc The Choir - Flap Your Wings - tray

Label: Resolve
Format: CD
Released: 2000
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producers: Steve Hindalong, Derri Daugherty, and Tim Chandler
Cover Painting: Michael Knott
Derri Daugherty: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Steve Hindalong: Drums, Percussion
Tim Chandler: Bass Guitar
Dan Michaels: Saxophone, Lyricon
Julian Kindred: Ring Modulator
Christine Glass: Background Vocals
Emily Hindalong: Trumpet postlude to “Sunny”
Phil Madeira: Mellotron Flutes and Strings
Jacob Lawson: Violin
01) Flap Your Wings Hindalong / Daugherty
02) Shiny Floor Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler
03) Mercy Lives Here Daugherty
04) Hey Gene Hindalong / Daugherty / Michaels
05) Sunny Hindalong / Chandler
06) Flowing Over Me Hindalong / Daugherty
07) Cherry Bomb Hindalong / Daugherty
08) I Don’t Mean Any Harm Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler
09) A Moment In Time Hindalong / Daugherty
10) Beautiful Scandalous Night Hindalong / Daugherty

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