Holiday Runner | Holiday Runner

According to a page on the former Holiday Runner website, audio samples between songs by Michael Knott (and others).

album cover

Holiday Runner
Holiday Runner (2002 Independent)
Produced by The Panda

Jesse Sprinkle – Songwriting, percussion and strange noise
Ryan Beatty – Songwriting, ?
Matthew Green – All piano tracks

01) I Will Keep Dreaming
02) Which Way the Wind Shines Sample of Michael Knott talking  
03) Terribly Mysterious
04) Like So Many Things We Do
05) A Blind Dare With Destiny
06) The Bowler’s Daughter
07) Champion City Sample of Michael Knott talking  
08) Sweet Dreams, Lilac
09) Our Little Chess Game Continues Sample of Michael Knott talking  
10) The Hammer Of Not Bickering
11) Unknown Title
12) Unknown Title


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