Psalters | Prayers to Be

The Encyclopedia of Christian Music has this strange entry in the article on Psalters: “Michael Knott contributes the song ‘Fattened Frothing Swine,’ which seems out of place insofar as it offers third-person commentary on modern lifestyles, whereas everything else is couched in second-person address to God” (p. 733). However, this is not mentioned on the Psalters website or any where in the credits of the album. Members of the band have confirmed that Knott was not a part of this album in any way.

Psalters - Prayers to Be - booklet 1 Psalters - Prayers to Be - booklet 2 Psalters - Prayers to Be - booklet 3 Psalters - Prayers to Be - booklet 4

Label: Burnt Toast Vinyl
Format: CD
Released: 1999
Genre: Folk Rock
01) All Yeshua  
02) Brux in a Box  
03) Fattened Frothing Swine  
04) El Elyon  
05) I’m Free  
06) IntheI  
07) Red  
08) Hideaway  
09) Words….on Ruach  
10) Flood Me, Burn Me  

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