Shelley Rogers | Dreaming Awake

Contemporary pop release by Shelley Rodgers with multiple guest appearances by Knott. Also contains appearances by a long list of the “who’s who” of the alternative Christian underground at the time. I’m not a huge pop fan, but this album is actually enjoyable and much more interesting than most other pop albums of the time.

album cover

Shelley Rogers
Dreaming Awake (1991 Blonde Vinyl Records)
Produced by: Michael Knott & David Hackbarth

01) Love Is Rogers Intro Percussion by Mike Knott
02) Carry Me Away Rogers, music by Sauerbrey & Knott
03) Don’t You Worry Rogers Acoustic Guitar by Mike Knott
04) You & I Rogers  
05) Song in the Distance Rogers Classical Guitar by Mike Knott
06) Dreaming Awake Rogers, music by Rogers & Knott  
07) Parallels Rogers  
08) Time Rogers  
09) Talk With You At Midnight Rogers  
10) Dreams Rogers  

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