Michael Knott | Live at the Viper Room Vol. 2

Featuring the song “You’re Where I Wanna Be” only available on this recording. This show was a few months before Live at the Viper Room Volume 1 and features the same amazing band line up.

Recorded direct from the soundboard by Jeff Elbel.

Michael Knott -Live at the Viper Room Volume 2

Label: Blonde Vinyl Records
Source: BandCamp
Format: Digital files
Recorded: November 8, 1997
Released: 2019
Genre: Alternative Rock
Mastered: Bruce Neher
Michael Knott: Lead Vocal, Electric Guitar
Andy Prickett: Lead Guitar, Background Vocal
Eric Campuzano: Bass
Robert Meyer: Fender Rhodes, Keyboard, Organ, Background Vocal
Ed “Giles” Benrock: Drums, Background Vocal
01) Miss Understanding 4:29 Knott
02) Movie Star 3:46 Knott
03) Good Byes 3:54 Knott
04) You’re Where I Wanna Be 5:12 Knott
05) Sugar Mama 3:39 Knott
06) Halo 4:18 Knott
07) Local Supply 3:07 Knott
08) Transistor Sister 3:48 Knott
09) Rock Stars on H 3:14 Knott


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