Michael Knott & Gene Eugene | Live at Houghton College

Featuring the song “Only You” that is only available on this recording (some bootlegs previously referred to this song as “Take Me Down”), plus a track with a few improv songs between Knott and Eugene (“That Was a Rock Solo”). Eugene joins Knott during track 10 to add keyboards to a few songs, so there are also several tracks with unique spins. This recording also captures several stories behind various songs.

This is also the source concert for the two Knott and Eugene songs on the Things I’ve Done, Things to Come collection.

Michael Knott & Gene Eugene - Live at Houghton College 1999

Label: Blonde Vinyl Records
Source: BandCamp
Format: Digital files
Recorded: April 24, 1999
Released: 2024
Genre: Alternative Rock
Mastered: Bruce Neher
Michael Knott: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Gene Eugene: Keys
01) Bye Bye Colour 4:23 Knott
02) Shaded Pain 3:30 Knott
03) Christ Saves 3:19 Knott
04) I Just Wanted to Torture Everyone With the Dark Side (stories) 6:54 Knott
05) Kitty 2:36 Knott
06) Life Moves So Fast in Los Angeles (stories) 5:39 Knott
07) John Barrymore Jr. 2:35 Knott
08) Double 3:31 Knott
09) Only You 5:49 Knott
10) That Was a Rock Solo & Gene Eugene Intro Gospel Hour (improv songs) 3:01 Knott & Eugene
11) Rocket and a Bomb 3:49 Knott
12) I Find Myself in Seedy Places Sometimes (stories) 1:04 Knott
13) Herb’s Garage 6:00 Knott
14) Rock Stars on H 3:31 Knott
15) We Have Product for Sale (announcements) 0:49 Knott
16) Sugar Mama 3:30 Knott
17) Donut Store Police Man 3:57 Knott
18) What Do You Wanna Do Gene? (requests) 0:42 Knott
19) Make Me Feel Good 5:52 Knott


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