Lifesavors Rare You and Me Single Online!

No news on new recordings yet – there are many rumblings on MySpace and other places that seem to indicate that all projects, especially the new L.S.Underground, are moving forward and we might hear some official news soon. But for collectors – here is a real treat. In 1982, a rare 45″ record was released containing two new Lifesavors tracks – “You and Me” and “The One.” “The One” was re-recorded for Dream Life. The rumor was that this single was when Knott took over The Lifesavors and was his song-writing debut. But this single is so rare, very little is known. Well, magically – it appeared for download. The recording is not the incredible quality, but it is decent and seems to come from a good quality record. See the related link to download for free. And a big thanks to whoever this person is that ripped this and posted it! Now, if we can just get high-res scans of the covers and record itself.

See this link: