Pre-Order L.S. Underground’s “Wakin’ Up the Dead” Remaster CD From Retroactive Records

For those that missed the Kickstarter, you can pre-order a copy of the CD re-master of Wakin’ Up the Dead now from Retroactive Records:

“Some albums are great for their time. Then there are other albums so important they have the ability to transcend generations and decades. When Wakin’ Up the Dead was originally released on cassette in 1989 by the fledgling Blonde Vinyl Records, authentic, faith-filled driving alternative rock with lively bass and buzzsaw guitars was a rare find. Post-punk rockers and fringe kids were yearning for more than a distraction to their pain. They wanted and needed something real.  Many songs from this album became sustaining anthems of hope for a broken world: The Bomb, Ocean Blue, House of Love, and Wakin’ Up the Dead remain important songs for a hurting world. The album emits an almost hypnotic beat resulting in a mesmerizing rock masterpiece with strong spiritual overtones. The music and the message of Wakin’ Up the Dead are essential companions on this journey we call life.  The 2019 Retroactive Records (Legends Remastered version) has been remastered by none other than J Powell at Steinhaus so the album has literally never sounded better than it does now, and it’s packaged in a jewel case with a 12 page booklet with lyrics, band pics and all the stuff serious fans and collectors want! Breathe deeply, smile and prepare to experience this classic for the very first time, again!”

Also, for those interested in getting the vinyl version, those will be sold once the Kickstarter orders are filled. Stay tuned for details on that.

New Webite for the Michael Knott Documentary “Fear Knott”

If you watched the recent Rocket and a Bomb Live DVD to the end, you might have noticed a mysterious website advertised at the end: When I first went to it, there was nothing there yet. But I remembered to take another look at it yesterday and found that it is up, and it is a new website for the upcoming Michael Knott documentary Fear Knott: The Musical Message of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Chameleon. No trailer yet, but there are some interesting tidbits to be found on the website. The most exciting part for Knott fans (well, after the documentary itself, of course) is that there will be a special soundtrack for this trailer. Maybe with some new / rare / unreleased songs? No details yet, but we can hope. Also, there is a gallery on the website with some interesting historical images, some that I haven’t seen before. Anyways, make sure to keep your eye on that website for more details as they are made available.

Live at the Viper Room Volume 2 Now Available on BandCamp

A little late on this, but Live at the Viper Room Volume 2 was recently released. Featuring the song “You’re Where I Wanna Be” that is only available on this live recording. This show was a few months before Live at the Viper Room Volume 1, and features the same amazing band line up: Michael Knott (lead vocals, electric guitar), Andy Prickett (lead guitar, background vocals), Eric Campuzano (bass), Robert Meyer (Fender Rhodes, keyboard, organ, background vocals), and Ed “Giles” Benrock (drums, background vocals). Pick it up on the Blonde Vinyl BandCamp page today.

Help L.S.U. Re-issue “Wakin’ Up The Dead” on Vinyl and CD

This is not a drill! “By popular demand, people want Michael Knott’s back catalog on vinyl! Our goal is to make that happen! This will be a trial run for us, if it goes well look for more albums to be reissued on vinyl and CD! We will begin with the 1989 classic L.S.U. album Wakin’ Up The Dead! Waking’ Up The Dead is the album that launched the Blonde Vinyl ship into the ragging sea, cutting the way for all relevant Christian Alternative record labels that followed. This Post-Punk masterpiece will be remastered by J.Powell at Steinhaus Mastering – he has recently worked on the Daniel Amos reissues/remasters as well as the Retroactive Records releases of Lifesavers Heaven High and L.S.Underground’s PTSD albums.

Wakin’ Up The Dead will be pressed on random colored vinyl, so each record is unique, no two will be alike. The packaging will be a double gatefold cover with a brand new painting by Michael for the cover!

Why do a new painting? Well the original paintings were not able to be located and blowing up the old cassette and CD art up to 12″ vinyl size will not look very good. On the plus, one lucky person will get the painting as a pledge option!

We will also be pressing high quality replicated CD’s! Not CDR’s this time!

Digital release will also be available!


If we surpass our goal by $5,000, Michael Knott and Joshua Lory will collaborate once again to record a brand new full length record! Everyone who backs the Wakin’ Up The Dead rerelease will get a copy on CD as well as a digital download of the new album upon completion! Backers will receive the album before it goes to the general public!”

See the Kickstarter Page to help out!

It is Finished

I thought it would take a lot longer, but the change over to fully WordPress is complete. The old comments were basically listed above where newer comments will go – I think I got most of them. I was also able to update a lot of the pages and add some missing pieces along the way. Now on to fixing other random pages, and completing the various stories about Knott and his bands that I started with the Lifesavors.

I haven’t heard anything about new Knott music in a while. Dead Artist Syndrome’s Prints of Darkness is getting a deluxe CD and vinyl re-issue sometime this year. No news about any of the other projects on the Upcoming Releases page (which was also updated in the re-design). Also no updates on the documentary as well. As soon as I hear anything, I will let you know!

In the Corner Back By the Woodpile Podcast Interviews John J. Thompson, Discussing Knott Along the Way

In the Corner Back By the Woodpile Podcast recently interviewed John J. Thompson, and discussed Knott and Blonde Vinyl along the way:

Back in the late 1980’s, a little magazine began to be passed around by discouraged and disenfranchised music loving, truth seeking believers on the back pews of churches. The mag was called True Tunes and what it did was send up flare to those folks who were looking for music with meaning and integrity, both of which unfortunately for many did not exist in the mainstream Christian music industry of the times. The visionary of the publication was a kid-at-the-time by the name of John J Thompson who joins us to tell us of the rise, the fall and possible resurrection of True Tunes.

Part 1

Part 2

Former Blonde Vinyl Band Writ on Water Releases new EP “A Charcoal Night”

Fans of former Blonde Vinyl band Writ on Water rejoice! The band has released a new EP called A Charcoal Night: “Writ on Water returns with A Charcoal Night, an EP that includes “Wicker” in its original arrangement, a studio recording of “Windsor” (which had originally been demoed for The Greyest Day) and 4 new tracks.”

You can download on BandCamp: