Claravox Cover’s L.S.U.’s “Jordan River”

Stef Loy (of Perry and the Poorboys and The Miscellaneous fame) recently posted a video that his new band called Claravox made of a Michael Knott cover, Here is what the band had to say:

“Thank you for listening to our cover of LSU’s Jordan River! This video single was created and recorded in March, 2021. The song was written by Michael Knott. It is the first song on the Lifesavers Underground album “Shaded Pain” (1987, Frontline Records.) We would like to take this time to thank Michael for decades of his prolific musical career. Truly an artistic genius and an inspiration to us all — Michael Knott, you are loved.”


Pre-order L.S. Undeground’s “The Grape Prophet” Re-Issue From Lost in Ohio Now!

Did you miss out on the L.S. Underground The Grape Prophet Kickstarter? Then Lost in Ohio has some good news for you:

“After being out of print for nearly 30 years, and after an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020, Lost in Ohio is pleased to announce a pre-order for L.S. Underground’s legendary rock opera The Grape Prophet. For those unfamiliar, The Grape Prophet tells the story of Ellis, a worker at an orange grove who is sent to the vineyards of the Grape Prophet, in order to bring back the pickers who have been lured away. It was the first of frontman Michael Knott’s trilogy of rock operas. The album has remained a fan favorite, but has been out of print in physical form since soon after its release in 1992.

In addition to reissuing the album digitally and on CD, we will be releasing it for the first time on vinyl (available in either orange or grape). Michael has also recorded new acoustic versions of four of the album’s tracks, which are complemented by strings by Luke Moller (Carrie Underwood, Kasey Musgraves), and performances from Steve Hindalong (The Choir), Jesse Sprinkle (Poor Old Lu) and Rick McDonough (Struck Last May). The new tracks were recorded by Rick McDonough and mixed by Derri Daugherty, and the entire affair has received a fresh master from Adam Boose.

Pre-order now!

New Knott Stuff for the New Year

Welcome to 2021 everyone! Seems its the same junk as 2020, only more. There aren’t any huge updates on the Knott front. I’m not sure what happened to the releases like All Indie EP II and Strip Cycle II that seemed to be close to being released a few years ago, but it seems the only one still moving forward is the Grape Prophet vinyl re-issue (still happening and coming soon). But things are probably happening behind the scenes with several projects, just hard to make announcements due to COVID I am sure.

In case you missed it, there was a podcast that squeaked in the last day of 2020 about Knott’s Rocket and a Bomb album. See the Your Music Saved Me Podcast page to listen if you are into podcasts.

This website continues it’s 10 year+ redesign, with a updated Discography and Gigography pages. The new tools lets you search and sort the tables themselves. Thanks to TablePress for creating such a cool plug-in. I also know several of the album pages are messed up – I am making my way through the 200+ pages to fix those, as well as scan and add more album artwork. On the updated pages, you can click the image to get a slightly larger view.

Bomb Bay Babies Volume 2 Has Been Released!

Surprise! No word on the status the re-release of all of the Bomb Bay Babies material, but that means that the recently re-discovered Volume 2 has been released on BandCamp. Head over to the Blonde Vinyl BandCamp page to check out the tracks and purchase your own copy. While you are there, you can also stream Idle Lovell’s Surge et Illuminare and The Lifesavors’ Dream Life.

Volumes 3 and 4 of the Knott Tribute Album are in the Works

A little late on this, but the good news is that Joshua Lory is working on more volumes of the Knott Tribute project:

“Alright, so I’m going to move forward on Knott tribute Volume 3 and possibly Vol 4 depending on number of tracks submitted. Here’s what I need from you:

1) UNMASTERED WAV FILE OF YOUR RECORDING. SEND IT TO josh.lory (at) gmail (dot) com

Here is the list of claimed songs so far. Seems that “Want Me” is still available 🙂

1) “Double” – ILL Lucid Onset
2) “Jesus” – Matthew Green
3) “Double” – Whispers and Fuzz
4) “It’s A Crazy Thing” – Mike Indest
5) “Ocean” Blue” – Dann Gunn
6) undecided between 3 songs – Eriq Wegfahrt
7) “Jail” – Lucian Bowden
8) “Christ Saves” – Deni Gauthier
9) “Die Baby Die” – Cast The Dragon
10.) “Free Her” – Immortal Chorus

Michael Knott is in Electric Jesus?

If you haven’t heard of the “80’s Hair Band Music Comedy” movie called Electric Jesus yet, well, check out the film’s official website. Turns out that, even though it is billed as a Christian Metal film, there is probably more Christian alternative references in the movie than metal. A Lifesavers song (“She’s on Fire”) is in the soundtrack, but that is not all. Knott himself makes a brief cameo in one scene when the drummer of the band is seen doodling on the Kiss of Life album cover itself. Oh, and the main character mentions how Lifesavers becomes L.S.U. early in the film, and then we later see the bass player wearing a Shaded Pain T-shirt. Of course, the film is set in 1986, and L.S.U. did not exist until 1987, so that seems to be a mistake on the film’s part. But that is part of the fun of these historical films and TV shows – see what anachronisms you can find.

Lost in Ohio Adds Both Windy Lyre Albums to the Lost Archives

From Lost in Ohio: “Today Bandcamp will be donating 100% of their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. We will match this donation on all sales on our page. Additionally, we will donate 20% from any sales made directly on our website ( where an additional LP from The Julies (Lovelife) is available.

We have also added both releases from Windy Lyre to our sister Bandcamp site The Lost Archives! ( One of the albums had only a very limited release on Myspace nearly 15 years ago, and we’re glad to be making it more widely available!”

Fluffy’s Classics Remastered, Streaming Now, with Pink Vinyl!

From Lost is Ohio: “Fluffy released two amazing albums on Blonde Vinyl Records in the early 90’s, brimming with noisy post-punk energy. When the label folded in 1993, the music quickly became lost to time, but a devoted cult following has remained. Now, nearly 30 years later, we are excited to be bringing both albums back to the world!

Accomplished studio engineer (and Fluffy guitarist) Christopher Colbert has produced fresh remasters of both albums, and they sound better than ever. Fluffy Luvs You and Go, Fluffy, Go! are available now digitally at our online storeBandcamp, and on all streaming platforms!

Limited-Edition Vinyl!

We are also pleased to announce a super limited-edition run of Go, Fluffy, Go! on transparent pink vinyl. Only 200 of these are being made. They are available for pre-order now and will ship by August 2020. (Test pressings are available too!)”

There is also a new video:

A Monster Named Hugo Releases “There’s a Ghost in the Voice” Michael Knott Tribute EP

You read that right – a six track ep of Knott covers, and they are all really good: “This is a personal tribute to Michael Knott from Hugo. Hugo constructed these renditions, recorded, mixed, and performed all the instrumentation, with the exception of Bill Skafish playing drums on Bubbles and Marie Thrasher singing on Hospital. It has Knott songs from Rocket and a Bomb, Aunt Bettys, Fluid, Life of David, and Brow Beats; unplugged alternative. They’re performed in different styles to give Knott fans a new take on their favorite songs. If you’re unfamiliar with Michael Knott, do yourself a favor and check these albums out. This is hopefully the first of a trilogy.”

Lost in Ohio Re-Releases Black & White World in The Lost Archives

Lost in Ohio has some exciting news: “Introducing The Lost Archives! So much amazing music has been lost to time, and we are hoping to bring some of it back to the digital world. We are starting humbly today by announcing the digital availability of Black & White World’s two fantastic albums on Bandcamp (and coming very soon to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and all of your favorite streaming services).

Follow our sister Bandcamp site to be notified as we continue to add more lost music in the months to come!