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Michael Knott continues his string of excellent solo CDs. This album was originally available as a pre-release a few years earlier. The official release has a new track order, and a few tracks not on the pre-release.

Michael Knott once pointed out on Facebook that “The Down” is “a song about Christ pleading with Our Father in the Garden of Gethsemane.”

Michael Knott - Comatose Soul cover

Michael Knott
Comatose Soul (2004 Blonde Vinyl Records)
Produced by: Michael Knott and Chris Colbert

Michael Knott – Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass, painting, background vocals, mixing
Andrew Prickett – Guitar
Eli – Bass
Shawn Tubbs – Acoustic Guitar
Dicky Ochoa – Keyboards
Frank Lenz – Percussion, drums, background vocals
Chris Brigandi – Guitar on “Pop Goes the World”

01) Comatose Soul 4:00 Knott  
02) Pop Goes The World 2:35 Knott Original version is on Finding Angel
03) Pusher 3:58 Knott  
04) Finding Angel 3:55 Knott Original version is on Finding Angel
05) Box Car 3:27 Knott  
06) Grey Days 2:57 Knott  
07) Lollipops & Daisy’s 3:07 Knott, Kerry Mack  
08) Gold 3:42 Knott  
09) The Down 4:05 Knott  
10) The Callous Wheel 4:29 Knott  
11) Pale 4:24 Knott Also on Spring 2003 Tour CD 1
12) Crusin’ Ride 2:31 Knott  
13) It’s Over 4:49 Knott Also on Spring 2003 Tour CD 1
14) More of You 4:15 Knott  
15) Frequency 2:37 Knott Originally released on mp3.com


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  1. Alex on April 19, 2009 at 07:15 am said:

    More of You (track 14 I believe) is my all-time favourite Knott song.