Michael Knott | 2003 Tour CD 1 (aka ‘Jesus Help Me’)

This independent CD-R was originally sold at Michael’s concerts in 2003, but is now available through the official site. This is a collection of songs that would eventually make it on to Comatose Soul and live songs, with one unreleased song. The first two songs were not on the Comatose Soul pre-release, but ended up on the final release.

Track 7 was recorded by Andrew Pickett
Tracks 8-10 are from the “Screaming Brittle Siren” radio show hosted by Mark Alexander and Andrew Hambleton
Tracks 11-14 were recorded at Cornerstone 2002 by Bob Wilkinson

Michael Knott - 2003 Tour CD 1 - cover 1 Michael Knott - 2003 Tour CD 1 - cover 2

Label: Independent
Format: CD-R
Released: 2003
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Michael Knott
Michael Knott: Guitars, Vocals, Cover Painting
Brian Moore: Guitar (tracks 11-14)
Joel Votam: Bass (tracks 11-14)
Jesse Sprinkle: Drums (tracks 11-14)
01) Pale Knott From Comatose Soul
02) It’s Over Knott From Comatose Soul
03) Pusher Knott From Comatose Soul
04) Finding Angel Knott From Comatose Soul
05) Cruz’n Ride Knott From Comatose Soul
06) Boxcar Knott From Comatose Soul
07) I Feel Loved Knott  
08) It’s a Crazy Thing (live unplugged) Knott Originally from Pop Life
09) Hospital (live unplugged) Knott Originally from Life of David
10) Shaded Pain (live unplugged) Knott Originally from Shaded Pain
11) Cruz’n Ride (live) Knott Originally from Comatose Soul
12) Sorry (live) Knott Originally from Life of David
13) Comatose Soul (live) Knott Originally from Comatose Soul
14) The Bomb/Cussword (live) Knott Originally from Wakin’ Up the Dead/This is the Healing


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