Stretch Goal Announced for The Grape Prophet Vinyl Reissue

A little late on this one, but an exciting stretch goal being offered for The Grape Prophet vinyl re-issue:

“Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this campaign! We are so excited that Grape Prophet on vinyl (and deluxe CD, and streaming) is going to be a reality!

We are announcing a STRETCH GOAL of $15,000. If we are able to hit this number, Michael & Rick will be doing acoustic recordings of FOUR tracks from Grape Prophet:

  • Ellis in the Orchard
  • The Fold
  • English Interpreter of English
  • She Said

For all four of these tracks, we are also contracting with a Nashville-based composer to have string quartet arrangements written and recorded, adding an amazing dimension to the new recordings.

If we hit our stretch goal, anyone who has selected a vinyl record will receive this as a bonus 12″ (in place of the bonus 7″ originally planned), and all four tracks will be included in the CD and digital versions as well!”