Fluffy’s Classics Remastered, Streaming Now, with Pink Vinyl!

From Lost is Ohio: “Fluffy released two amazing albums on Blonde Vinyl Records in the early 90’s, brimming with noisy post-punk energy. When the label folded in 1993, the music quickly became lost to time, but a devoted cult following has remained. Now, nearly 30 years later, we are excited to be bringing both albums back to the world!

Accomplished studio engineer (and Fluffy guitarist) Christopher Colbert has produced fresh remasters of both albums, and they sound better than ever. Fluffy Luvs You and Go, Fluffy, Go! are available now digitally at our online storeBandcamp, and on all streaming platforms!

Limited-Edition Vinyl!

We are also pleased to announce a super limited-edition run of Go, Fluffy, Go! on transparent pink vinyl. Only 200 of these are being made. They are available for pre-order now and will ship by August 2020. (Test pressings are available too!)”

There is also a new video: