Steve Scott to Release “Cross My Heat”

Former Blonde Vinyl recording artist Steve Scott has been teasing us with tracks from a new album called Cross My Heat for years. The wait for that project is finally over: “Pre-orders for Steve’s new full-length, Cross My Heat (first new material in nearly two decades!), will begin on Friday, 09/15. Steve will be taking copies with him for his upcoming dates in Australia. Look for the CD to be available stateside in October. Keep an eye on Harding Street Assembly Lab on Facebook for details:

Sean Patrick Doty (of Veil of Ashes) to Record with Knott and Others

For the Veil of Ashes fans, Sean Patrick Doty is planning on recording and releasing a new solo album. On top of that, several people have agreed to write music and record with him, including Michael Knott. So far, the list of people collaborating with Doty includes Knott, Michael Roe (The 77s), Ric Alba (Altar Boys/Undercover), Jerry Chamberlain (Daniel Amos), Brian Healy (Dead Artist Syndrome), and Derri Daugherty (The Choir). No release date yet, as the songs still need to be recorded, so stay tuned for details.

Sincerely Paul Re-Issue Moves Forward

Sorry for the late post on this – just had to transfer hosting to new service. The re-issue of Grieve by Sincerely Paul is now moving forward again. Pre-production work has officially started. It will still be a 2-disc album, with 11 unreleased tracks on the second disc. CD art work and inserts will be given a complete makeover. In addition to all of this, the Sincerely Paul/Slide website will also get a make-over in some areas. Be on the lookout for Slide’s first interview since 1993 for Cut and Dry Radio soon (

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New Windy Lyre Music on MySpace

Fans of Blonde Vinyl recording artist Windy Lyre need to check out her MySpace page for three new songs. Information on the page lists the dates of these as 2008, 2 being attributed to an album called “Overflow,” and another one attributed to an album called “Dance Over Me.” Her page also lists Michael Knott as “guitarist, etc.” Nothing seems to officially indicate an album release or Michael’s involvement, but there is at least new music and hint of some more to come. Stylistically, the songs seem to be similar to her work for Blonde Vinyl – but also don’t seem to be left-overs from 1991.

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Writ on Water re-releases The Greyest Days Sessions

Writ on Water has re-released The Greyest Days Sessions: 1992 – 1994. This CD is collection of demos for songs that were meant to be on their second Blonde Vinyl release, but were never recorded in a studio. These are 4-track demo recordings that have been cleaned up. Also, if you are more inclined to buy digital downloads, Writ on Water releases can be bought as mp3s from also has a page called “Three Broken Chords & a Half-Truth” – a repository for unreleased rare songs. Four songs are currently posted there – for free!

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