Michael Knott is in Electric Jesus?

If you haven’t heard of the “80’s Hair Band Music Comedy” movie called Electric Jesus yet, well, check out the film’s official website. Turns out that, even though it is billed as a Christian Metal film, there is probably more Christian alternative references in the movie than metal. A Lifesavers song (“She’s on Fire”) is in the soundtrack, but that is not all. Knott himself makes a brief cameo in one scene when the drummer of the band is seen doodling on the Kiss of Life album cover itself. Oh, and the main character mentions how Lifesavers becomes L.S.U. early in the film, and then we later see the bass player wearing a Shaded Pain T-shirt. Of course, the film is set in 1986, and L.S.U. did not exist until 1987, so that seems to be a mistake on the film’s part. But that is part of the fun of these historical films and TV shows – see what anachronisms you can find.