L.S.Underground Press Release

An official press release has been circulating about the new album: “Michael Knott has recorded a new L.S. Underground record with Josh Lory, Jim Chaffin from the Crucified, Matt Biggers, Daniel Sonner, Rick McDonough and others. It has been in Michael’s heart and mind to create an album that would bring awareness to the overwhelming difficulties that U.S. and allied troops encounter upon returning home from combat, especially Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. PTSD, the leading cause for homelessness as well as alcohol and drug abuse among veterans, is a psychological, as well as neurological disorder, and one that must be dealt with in order for the soldiers to get the treatment that they need, and deserve. This is a heavy subject matter that needs to be addressed and brought to the surface as an honor to those who have served their country. A weighty subject that is pulled to the front line by the heaviest L.S. Underground album to date. Michael feels this is the most important record he has done since “This Is the Healing”. Michael is offering a pre-sale order until October 15 for those who would like to financially help finish and manufacture this album. For $12.00 you will immediately receive a photocopy of a few songs from his lyric book, signed and numbered (in pencil and pen), You will then receive the finished product following completion (around late October to early November). Recommended purchase is one to ten albums. Please pay via paypal to gerardartwork@yahoo.com.”

See this link: http://www.myspace.com/lsunderground