Down the Line Magazine launches

Down the Line is a music-focused magazine that seeks to be different from the status quo in entertainment journalism. In 2008, Matt and Steve noticed that their favorite artists (past and present) weren’t getting the attention and promotion that they deserved. They decided to do something about it… but they decided to do it with no budget and no desire to make money themselves. They just wanted to promote some great music that isn’t covered by the mainstream media. Therefore, “Down The Line” was born: a magazine that promotes and caters to the artist and their art. Because they are not bound by a budget, there is no pressure to promote the latest band and record label. This is an independent magazine, with the independent artists in mind. The best part is, each issue is completely free! Please come and check us out at We launch on October 8th with interviews of Michael Knott, Josh Lory from LSU, Allan Aguirre from Scaterd Few, Writ On Water and plenty of album and concert reviews, musings, ramblings and fun. Stop by our site to read the production blog and please leave comments about what you want to see in the future.

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