Radioactive Hits

This compilation was a great idea – pay tribute to Blonde Vinyl Records by putting out a compilation of some of the most popular songs on the label. Some of the songs were label as “Critic’s Choice,” even though no reason is given for that label. It would have also been nice to see a two-disc collection with one song from each BV release, or even of unreleased songs by each artist.One song on here, “Beg and Kick,” is only available on this album.

According to Knott, “Beg and Kick” is “not about begging, it’s not about kicking, it’s about living. There’s no hope in begging and kicking. What about the flow, the flow of humanity, the flow of love and the flow of life. You know, there’s faith, hope and love… there’s no faith, hope and love in begging and kicking, that’s the opposite of Christ, so I’m blaming myself there. I beg, I kick and I’m sloppy sick when I beg and kick.”

Radioactive Hits - Cover 1 Radioactive Hits - Cover 2 Radioactive Hits - Tray

Label: Blonde Vinyl Records
Format: CD, Cassette
Released: 1993
Genre: Alternative Rock / Electronic / Industrial / Punk Rock / Folk Rock
Producer: Michael Knott
Michael Knott: Vocals, Guitar
01) L.S. Underground Wino of the Red is Stained 3:50 Knott Originally on The Grape Phrophet
02) Michael Knott Hang Me High (Critic’s Choice) 3:16 Knott Originally on Screaming Brittle Siren
03) Breakfast with Amy Ad America 3:58 Breakfast with Amy  
04) Dance House Children Sea Breeze 3:25 Jason Martin  
05) L.S.U. Miracle 4:51 Knott Originally on This is the Healing
06) Fluffy Excommunicated 1:30 Fluffy  
07) Lifesavers It’s a Crazy Thing 4:44 Knott Originally on Poplife
08) Windy Lyre Ave (Critic’s Choice) 3:50 Knott, Lyre Originally on Windy Lyre
09) Black & White World Ruby Goes to Heaven 3:49 Dave C. / Hanna  
10) Deitiphobia Red Society 5:06 Deitiphobia  
11) Acoustic Shack It’s Good to Know 3:52 M. & L. Misiuk  
12) L.S.U. The Bomb 3:59 Knott Originally on Wakin’ Up the Dead
13) Deitiphobia Crucifixion of Will 3:29 Wally Shaw  
14) L.S. Underground Beg and Kick (New Single) 4:27 Knott  

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