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Lifesavers come back with an album that goes in a surf rock direction (more so than than former Lifesaver/Lifesavor albums). The liner notes of this album mentions L.S.U. fans that are scared of this release, and Lifesavers fans that are scared of L.S.U.

Other information:
Re-released in 1999 on M8 records with bonus songs.

After surf film legend Bruce Brown passed away in 2017, Michael Knott revealed that he paid $500 to have the cover image of Browns on the this album.

album cover

Poplife (1991 Blonde Vinyl Records)
Produced by: Michael Knott

Michael Knott – Vocals, guitars; bass on “Surf With God”, cover art
Michael Sauerbrey – Bass
Steve Hindalong – Drums
Christopher Colbert – guitar on “Surf With God”

01) I Don’t Know (Sister, Sister) Knott  
02) Queen of the Captive Knott  
03) Jet Plane Knott  
04) Skate Knott  
05) It’s a Crazy Thing Knott  
06) Surf with God Knott  
07) Comin’ Up Roses Knott  
08) Lookin’ for a Suit Knott  
09) Surf With God Knott  
The 1999 M8 re-issue includes these bonus songs:
10) Money Knott Originally on Bomb Bay Babies Demo
11) I Want Your World Knott Originally on Bomb Bay Babies Demo
12) Touch Me in the Wind Knott Originally on Idle Lovell – Surge et Illuminare

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  1. TapeHead on February 17, 2015 at 08:24 pm said:

    Such a cool record. I’ve always loved it, jammed to it, and regard it as a darn good, no-fuss rock ‘n’ roll record.

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