Blaster the Rocket Man – The Monster Who Ate Jesus

In a Facebook Tribute to Michael Knott, the Blaster the Rocket Man Facebook page said this about one of their songs: “The hilarious and unhinged vocal soundscape of “House of Love” was a direct influence on my band’s song “Lovebot’s Revenge”. (And I’m only just this moment remembering that I actually sing the two-tracked falsetto “Oh, I’m in the house of love” bit on the second verse of Lovebot. Ha!)”

Blaster the Rocket Man - The Monster Who Ate Jesus

Label: Jackson Rubio Records
Format: CD
Released: 1999
Genre: Horror Punk
Producer: Blaster the Rocket Man
Otto Bot: Vocals, book reading, glass breaking, arguments
Dave Petersen: Guitar, drums, organ, vocals, sound effects, arguments
Oxford Don: Bass, guns, logic
Cliffy Huntington: Shouts, handclaps
Stephen Sarro: Shouts, handclaps
01) Deploy All Monsters Now! 3:34  
02) It Came From Down South 1:22  
03) Hopeful Monsters are Dying Everyday 1:15  
04) Stampede! 3:12  
05) Human Fly trap (Our Hero Escapes from Venus) 2:26  
06) [Untitled] 0:45  
07) Ransom vs. the Unman 1:50  
08) March of the Macrobes 2:52  
09) Cop City 1:38  
10) Lovebot’s Revenge 2:03  
11) Disasteroid 1:20  
12) [Untitled] 0:49  
13) Frankenstein’s Monster Wants a Wife 2:57  
14) I Like Lycanthropy 2:53  
15) Tundra Time on Thulcandra 1:58  
16) Venus at St. Anne’s 2:22  
17) Beehive Behave 1:14  
18) Baby Unvamp (is Making a Comeback) 7:30  


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