Michael Knott | All Indie EP II

Completed in 2015, released in 2021. The release of the physical CD was limited to 250 signed and numbered copies. Additionally, three random CDs had a golden ticket inserted in them. The three winners of the Indie Golden Ticket contest would get a song sung to them over the phone by Knott, as well as a video of him singing the song.

Michael Knott - All Indie EP II - Cover 1 Michael Knott - All Indie EP II - Cover 2 Michael Knott - All Indie EP II - Tray

Label: Independent
Format: CD-R, Download, Streaming
Released: 2021
Genre: Alternative Rock
Produced by: Michael Knott & Rick McDonough
Recorded & Edited by: Rick McDonough
Mixed by: Michael Knott & Rick McDonough
Drums Recorded by: Christopher Bright
Recorded at: Hail Mary Studios, Huntington Beach, CA
Michael Knott: Vocals, BGVs
Rick McDonough: Guitars, Bass, Lap Steel, Keyboards, Samples, BGVs, Layout, Design, Photography
Christopher Bright: Drums, Percussion
Chris Lizotte: Vocals on “Voices”
Josh Lory: Bass on “Dream Into You”
Ele McDonough: Speaking on “Cola Cola Soule”
Mary Knott: Back Photograph
01) Cola Cola Soule 3:38 Knott, McDonough  
02) Voices 5:39 Knott  
03) Smashing Cymbals 3:55 Knott, McDonough  
04) Army 3:39 Knott  
05) Van Gogh 4:34 Knott, Stormie Knott, McDonough  
06) Love & Money 4:10 Knott  
07) Mr. Low 3:26 Knott Originally released as a MySpace download
08) Dream Into You 4:34 Knott, McDonough  
09) Photographs in Time 6:05 Knott, McDonough Originally released as a BandCamp download

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