Fourth Wave: The Reality Rock Collection

This is a vinyl re-issue and re-imagining of the 1993 Third Wave: Reality Rock Collection CD. Uthanda, Dead Artist Syndrome, and Killing Tree were dropped from the original CD, while Mortal’s Paradigm One” replaced “Alive and Awake.” Songs by Adam Again, Dakota Motor Co, Common Bond, Lost Dogs, The Holidays, SFC, Mad at the World, The 77s, Boys Club, and L.S. Underground were added.

Label: Reality Rock Music Group
Format: Vinyl
Released: 2022
Genre: Alternative Rock / Punk Rock / Rap / Industrial
Producers: Jason Dean and John Smeby
01) Adam Again Bad News on the Radio  
02) The Violet Burning Low  
03) Dakoda Motor Co. Wind an’ Sea  
04) The Choir Kissers and Killers  
05) Common Bond Tarry  
06) Asight Unseen Plastic Flowers (remix)  
07) Black & White World Too Young to be Sad  
08) Lost Dogs Breathe Deep  
09) The Holidays True Love  
10) Altar Boys World Burning  
11) Raspberry Jam Break My Heart  
12) SFC Peculiar  
13) Mad at the World That Lonesome Road  
14) The Prayer Chain Chatterbox  
15) Undercover One to One  
16) The 77s The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes and the Pride of Life  
17) Boys Club You and I  
18) Mortal Paradigm One  
19) Lifesavers Underground Shaded Pain Originally on Shaded Pain

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