Michael Knott | Live at Cornerstone 2001

This is another bootleg that was released after Knott’s death to benefit his daughter. Recorded live at Cornerstone 2001, Seven Head Division served as his back-up band with Noah and Beth from Ticklepenny Corner also joining in.

Audience recording by Brian Kettell. Artwork by Ben Newsom.

Michael Knott - Live at Cornerstone 2001

Label: Blonde Vinyl Records
Source: BandCamp
Format: Digital files
Recorded: July 4, 2001
Released: 2024
Genre: Alternative Rock
Michael Knott: Lead Vocal, Electric Guitar
Brian Moore: Electric Guitar
Joel Votaw: Bass
Andrew King: Drums
Noah Riemer: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Beth Spransy: Violin
01) Intro 0:33  
02) Kitty Courtesy 2:38 Knott
03) Rockstars on H 2:45 Knott
04) Cool / Thru 8:39 Knott
05) Down the Line (w/ Noah Riemer) 2:21 Knott, Riemer
06) Roadside Diner (w/ Noah Riemer) 4:19 Knott, Riemer
07) Chameleon 4:31 Knott
08) This is the Healing 5:10 Knott
09) Double 4:27 Knott
10) Rocket and a Bomb 4:32 Knott
11) Two-Timin’ Jack 5:01 Knott
12) Tattoo 7:06 Knott


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