Babo | The First Time

Babo is a band from the Netherlands. They cover “Bye Bye Colour,” by using the lyrics while re-writing the music.

Babo - The First Time cover

Label: (none)
Format: Cassette
Released: 1991
Genre: Alternative Rock
Gerco Mons: Singing, Guitar
Marcel Mons: Bass
Alexander Bijl: Solo Guitar
Oscar Pathuis: Drums, Keyboards
Andre Venema: Techniek
01) Bye Bye Color 2:50 Knott Originally on L.S.U. – Shaded Pain
02) First Love 5:33 G. Mons / Pathuis  
03) The Letter 3:37 G. Mons / Pathuis  
04) Mr. John 4:55 G. Mons  
05) Marianne 4:48 G. Mons / Pathuis  
06) De Jet van Tante Jet 0:50 G. Mons / Pathuis