Branden Mann and The Reprimand | Get Down To Business

The first full-length album by Michigan-based Folk-Rock group, Branden Mann and The Reprimand. Recorded live at Louie’s Trophy House Grill, Kalamazoo, MI on June 26 2009. “Included on this album is a song originally written by singer/songwriter Michael Knott that brings up the struggles that occur when it seems like nothing is going right (Double).”

Branden Mann and The Reprimand - Get Down To Business cover

Label: EastWest Records
Format: CD
Released: 2009
Genre: Alternative Rock
Branden Mann: Vocals, Guitar
Bill Clements: Bass Guitar
Tommy Ufkes: Drums, Vocals
01) Trying To Do The Right Thing 4:47 Mann  
02) Secrets, Brother! Sneakin’ Lies! 3:16 Mann  
03) You Can’t Bite 3:37 Mann  
04) Double 4:14 Knott Originally on Rocket and a Bomb
05) Get Down To Business 4:13 Mann  
06) Trouble 4:40 Mann  
07) A Lot To Learn 3:58 Mann  
08) Better Ways To Waste My Time 3:40 Mann  
08) The Lord Is Not On Your Side 3:56 Mann  
10) Don’t Hold Me Up 4:19 Mann  
11) I Threw In Some Words 4:01 Mann  
12) The Benefit Of The Doubt + Follow Me 6:53 Mann  
13) Staring Down A Barrel Of Monkeys + Bang! Bang! 7:53 Mann  


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