Cast the Dragon | 2015 Demo

This 2016 release of demos from 2015 featured L.S. Underground / Lifesavors bassist Joshua Lory leading his own horror punk band. Originally planned as a stand alone release, Cast The Dragon was picked up by Sky Burns Black records to re-record these songs for an official release. That release never happened, but in 2020 most of these songs were re-recorded and released as Annihilate the Adversary on Thumper Punk Records. Jim Chaffin (of The Crucified), Skot Shaw (of Leper), and XL (of XL & DBD) all made guest appearances on that album.

Cast the Dragon - 2015 Demo - cover

Label: Young Earth Records
Format: CD
Released: 2016
Genre: Horror Punk
Producers: Joshua Lory
Joshua Lory: Bass, Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered
Michael Gerard Knott: Cover Painting
01) Scream Out His Name 1:54 Lory
02) Archangels 1:55 Lory
03) Kill All The Nephilim 0:59 Lory
04) WOE 1:33 Lory
05) Smoke and Mirrors 2:11 Lory
06) They Got No Soul 1:13 Lory
07) Days of Noah 1:11 Lory
08) Hell and Back 1:56 Lory
09) This Love 2:08 Lory
10) While the Heathens Rage 2:11 Lory

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