Come as a Child or Not at All

Andy’s Angel Records was started in honor of Andrew Obrastoff by his father Theo. Andrew battled Cystic Fibrosis for 15 years of his life “before finally answering the homeward call of Jesus” (according to the website). Terry Taylor was impressed by the life of Andrew, and Come as a Child… was the result of a collaboration of many artists.

Come as a Child or Not at All - cover 1 Come as a Child or Not at All - cover 2 Come as a Child or Not at All - cover 3 Come as a Child or Not at All - tray

Label: Andy’s Angel Records
Format: CD
Released: 2003
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Terry Scott Taylor
Michael Knott: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Production on “God in Me”
Rob Watson: Orchestration on “God in Me”
Andy Prickett: Production on “God in Me”
01) Yellow Haired Monkeys The Choir Hindalong / Daugherty
02) All the World to Me Derri Daugherty Taylor / Daugherty / Madeira
03) Loved and Forgiven The Lost Dogs Taylor
04) Said One Mother Kim Patton-Johnson Patton-Johnson / O’Day
05) The Sweetness Riki Michele Michele
06) Let there be Angels Terry Scott Taylor Taylor
07) Come as a Child Theo Obrastoff
08) Broken Things Eve Selis J. MIller
09) The Afternoon Terry Scott Taylor Taylor
10) Sins of the Fathers Daniel Amos Taylor
11) God in Me Michael Knott Knott
12) Light Princess Rob Watson Taylor
13) Noelle Randy Stonehill Taylor
14) Lovely Lili Lou Terry Scott Taylor Taylor
15) You Carolee Mayne Musseau / Springer
16) Audrey Michael Roe Roe
17) Lord, Protect My Child The Lost Dogs B. Dylan
18) A Song of the Innocence Terry Scott Taylor Taylor

Older comments on “Come as a Child or Not at All”

  1. Mark Melton on July 14, 2010 at 09:57 am said:

    I NEED this!!!

  2. Theo Obrastoff on September 17, 2010 at 01:21 pm said:

    Dear Mark, did you ever find a copy? Please try or contacting me through High regards, Theo

  3. Theo Obrastoff on February 19, 2011 at 05:37 am said:

    Mike’s song was, for me, one of the most staggering songs in this compilation. So many feelings and thoughts and “God in me” spoke (speaks) into this with a violent-tenderness. Thank you, Mike! Theo

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