Cush | ep

This album has no Michael Knott covers, but members of the band have stated on various message boards that this album was dedicated to / written about Michael Knott.

Cush - ep - cover 1 Cush - ep - cover 2 Cush - ep - disc

Label: Northern Records
Format: CD
Released: 2001
Genre: Alternative Rock
Andy Prickett  
Frank Lenz  
Wayne Everett  
Michael Pritzl  
Scott Malone  
Chris Colbert  
01) Halo Sounds Cush
02) Rev It Up Cush
03) The Brightest Light Cush
04) Blessed to Kill Cush
05) Sailing Sounds Cush
06) Anchor Deep Cush
07) A Rock and Roll King Cush
08) Sniper’s Mourning Cush

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