HM Magazine Sampler July/August 2000

There are no cover songs or tribute songs on this disc, but the cover does have a picture of Michael (from the Strip Cycle era) and the words: “Unsung Heroes of Christian Hard Music: Mike Knott (not without past mistakes or flaws, but exhibiting courage and daring…. and not give much credit).”

HM Magazine Sampler July/August 2000 cover HM Magazine Sampler July/August 2000 disc

Label: (none)
Format: CD
Released: 2000
Genre: Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock
Cover Image: Michael Knott
01) Pillar You Should Know
02) Visionaire Fragmented
03) Gideon’s Press Rain Down
04) These Five Down Hymn
05) Galactic Cowboys A Different Way
06) Acceptance Torn Inside
07) The Miracle Youth 8mm Massacre [demo version]
08) Gnashing of Teeth Generic
09) SL9 Rendezvous
10) Fresh Bread I Ascend
11) One Cross Why
12) January Sun Break Free
13) Diesel Lethargya
14) Step Cousin Take It All Away
15) Soapbox Love Is…

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