Live at the Strand

This album is a collection of songs recorded live over the years at The Strand.

Live at the Strand - cover 1 Live at the Strand - cover 2 Live at the Strand - cover 3 Live at the Strand - tray

Label: Bulletproof Music
Format: CD
Released: 1997
Genre: Alternative Rock
Michael Knott: Electric Guitar, Vocals (on “Rocket and a Bomb”)
Brian Doidge: Bass Guitar (on “Rocket and a Bomb”)
Michael Hawkins: Drums, Percussion (on “Rocket and a Bomb”)
01) Age of Faith Pass It On  
02) Third Day Medley  
03) Mortal June First  
04) Sunday’s Child Swell  
05) The Prayer Chain Chalk  
06) Dear Ephesus A Step for Dance  
07) My Friend Stephanie Flavor of the Month  
08) Squad Five-O The Kids Today / N.R.A.  
09) New Jerusalem The Way  
10) L.S. Underground Rocket and a Bomb (Remix) Original version is on Rocket and a Bomb
11) Metropolitan Back in Black  

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