Michael Knott | The All Indie E.P.

Independently released CD-R, with layout design by Michael’s father Howard. Limited to 500 copies – but each copy was signed by Mike.

Knott says that the song “All Fall Down” is “about a girl who drinks too much, and she’s beautiful, and she’s falling down all the time.” He also said that the song “All You Can Do” is “about communion, it’s about receiving Christ in your heart and that’s all you can do to get through this world.”

Michael Knott - The All Indie E.P. cover Michael Knott - The All Indie E.P. cover 2

Label: Independent
Format: CD-R
Released: 2006
Genre: Alternative Rock
Produced by: Mike Knott & Rick McDonough
Engineered by: Rick McDonough
Mixed by: Mike Knott & Rick McDonough
Mastered by: Walt Daciuk
Recorded at: Hail Mary Studios, Huntington Beach, CA
Michael Knott: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Live Drums
Rick McDonough: Guitars, Background Vocals, Slide Guitars, Keyboards, bass
Luke MacLennan: Kick A Vox on # 2
01) Liv’n A Lie 3:12 Knott  
02) Beautiful Square 2:24 Knott  
03) Did You Know 3:36 Knott  
04) All Fall Down 4:10 Knott Re-recorded by Lifesavers on Heaven High
05) The Hugging Song 2:25 Knott  
06) All You Can Do 4:21 Knott  
07) All The Bottles 5:04 Knott  


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