Mike Indest | Let’s Have Church

Mike Indest commissioned Michael Knott to paint covers for two of his earlier albums that he re-issues in 2013. It is currently available as a free download on BandCamp.

Mike Indest - Let's Have Church cover

Source: BandCamp
Format: Digital Files
Released: 2013
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Mike Indest
Cover Painting: Michael Knott
Cover Design: Matt Crosslin
Mike Indest: Vocals, Instruments
Rachael Indest: BGV’s on “Love Gift”
Eddie Parrino: Bass, BGV’s on “Sister Big Boobs”
Jeff Elbel: Mastering
01) Pentecostal Pamela Lee Indest 2:35
02) Addin’ To The Bible Indest 1:54
03) We Just Want Our Crowns Indest 2:32
04) Love Gift For The Month Of May Indest 4:12
05) Sister Big Boobs Indest 2:42
06) 1611 Indest 3:14


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